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Factory IQ was established in Xiamen, China in 2009. Our main objective is to help companies save money through improved procurement of dry goods.  

The Factory IQ team is made up of professionals and specialists from South Africa, Europe and China; and we're fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin.

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Work in progress & completed.

Coated Aluminium bottle designed for Miami Beach Liqueur. Bottle Décor print all completed in China.

miami beach

Glass bottle designed for Honey Liqueur. Embossing detail on front for “Priest” Insert, made out of Nickel. Balance of bottle décor is printed in foil and black/white on face and back of bottle.


Glass bottle designed for Adoro Wine – Slim Range. Curved bottle with bottle décor all sourced in China.

Adoro wine

Stainless Steel printed canister designed to replace existing bottle for Magnum Cream Liqueur. Canister improved from first order with handle and closure unit being improved. Unit is shipped to SA and UK for bottling directly from China.

Magnum Cream liqueur

Red Star Bottle concept.

Red star vodka

Sachet material, sample rolls.

best whisky


phase 1
Product brief

  • Customer brief /Specifications of product received

  • Understanding customer timing schedules

  • Initial costing of product


  • Design or product refinements

  • Final quotes

  • Sampling

  • Testing (if materials are required to be tested)

  • Approval and purchase order

phase 3

  • Production schedule confirmed with customer and factory

  • Raw material purchasing

  • Manufacturing

  • Quality control (multi phase throughout manufacturing).

  • Packing

  • Pre-shipment inspection

  • Shipping preparation

  • Shipping schedule


  • Delivery confirmation

  • Documentation

  • Freight forwarding

  • Shipping

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